Introducing Scanner Widget for Form Tables in Kissflow

Are you looking for a way to enhance your data entry process in Kissflow form tables? 
We're excited to announce the addition of the scanner widget in form tables. This update extends our powerful barcode and QR code scanning capabilities to streamline your workflow.

Scanner Widget Integration: The scanner field can now be added to form tables, supporting field ID, help text, image upload toggle, and required field settings.

Unique Field Option: The scanner field can be marked as unique to ensure each scanned value is distinct within the table.

User-Friendly Interaction: When focused during runtime, the scanner field appears as a text field with a scanner icon. Clicking the icon activates the camera or, if enabled, allows image uploads. Scanned values populate the field and can be manually overridden if needed.

Validation and Error Handling: Duplicate entries in fields marked as unique will be highlighted in red, maintaining data integrity.

Let's consider a scenario where employees in a retail store must regularly update product information in the inventory management system using Kissflow forms. With the new Scanner Widget for Form Tables, employees can easily input product details, such as SKU numbers or serial numbers, by scanning barcodes or QR codes. This saves time, reduces manual data entry errors, and accurately records each product's information. The unique field option also helps prevent duplicate entries, maintain data integrity, and streamline inventory management processes.

This update enhances efficiency and flexibility in data entry tasks across all segments and user plans. Experience the improved functionality of the scanner widget in form tables on your mobile and web devices!

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this enhancement. Leave your feedback in the comments below. 

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