Common Formula Errors to Avoid When Computing Your Kissflow Form Fields

When working with Kissflow form fields, it is common to encounter errors in formula computation. This tip explains these errors and provides helpful tips for correcting them to ensure accurate form field calculations.

  • Using functions instead of the field names:

There may be fields with names like currency, date, and number. When using these fields in your formula, you may accidentally use the functions with the same name instead of the fields. Here's how you can differentiate between a function and a field name. 

When you use a function, it appears as the following:

currency(), number(), date()


While the form name appears as the following:

  • Text Casing and Spacing:

When creating a formula, it's important to consider extra spaces and case sensitivity. For instance, if a formula requires a text field value to be "Not applicable," but the actual value fetched is "NotApplicable" without spaces and different casing, the formula fails due to the mismatch.


  • Incorrect Field Type and Expression:

Sometimes, you might compute a field type using an incorrect expression. For example, trying to compute a Number field with a Text expression or a Date field with a Date & Time expression. It's important to ensure the expression's return type matches the field type to avoid any mismatches.

You can avoid these common errors to ensure you compute fields with formulas without any issues.

What mistakes have you encountered when computing a form field with a formula, and how did you fix them?
Let us know in the comments, and help a fellow community member.

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