Managing notifications

Viewing notifications

You can find all of your notifications by clicking the bell button (  )in the upper-right corner of the screen.

From this pop-up, you can scroll through all of your notifications sorted by the most recent. New notifications are highlighted, and the number shows by the button. When you click a notification card, you will go to the page associated with the notification.


To mark an individual notification as read, click the grey-filled circle (.), which appears on the right side when you hover over it. If you click Mark all as read, all the unread notifications will be marked as read.

Click the Settings button () to manage notification preferences for all the flows you are a part of. 

Click Show all to go to the full-screen notifications page, where you can see previews of the items. From the notifications page, you can click a tab to see AllUnreadMentions, and Action needed notifications.

When you click a particular notification card, you will see the feed card details in the preview section on the right. You can add comments to the cards or click on them to go directly to an item.

Managing notification preferences

You can customize the way you receive notifications from your flows. By default, you will be notified about all the activities that happen. Every notification comes as both an in-app message and an email.

If you are a Flow Admin, when you modify the notification preferences, it will only affect your account and not the notifications of other flow participants. Follow the steps below to manage notification preferences for individual flows or multiple flows in your account.

Navigate to the More options ) section of a specific flow and click Notifications


Choose your preference from the following options shown in the pop-up:

  • Everything - You will receive all the notifications about the flow
  • Action items - You will receive notifications only if something requires your action
  • Nothing - You will not receive any notifications.

Click Save after choosing your preference.

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