Introducing AI Translation for Multilingual Settings in Kissflow

We are thrilled to announce a new enhancement to our Multilingual Settings feature: the introduction of AI Translation! This powerful addition empowers Kissflow Process admins/developers and Board admins to customize and present their workflow forms in multiple languages effortlessly, taking collaboration to new heights.

With AI Translation, flow admins can seamlessly translate form labels and step names into their desired language, ensuring a seamless experience for all users. Whether you're catering to Chinese speakers, Spanish speakers, or any other language group, Kissflow now offers a streamlined solution for localization.

This feature automatically translates the labels and names of the steps in your form to the language you have selected. As a flow admin, you can now skip the time-consuming manual translation process and use this AI-powered feature to complete your work faster and easier.

For example, let’s take Bucky, the Procurement Admin at Stark Corporation. Bucky oversees procurement operations with vendors spanning multiple regions, each requiring its own tailored process. Historically, Bucky painstakingly translated fields within each process to accommodate vendors' languages. However, with the introduction of the AI translation feature, Bucky's workload has dramatically decreased. Now, within seconds, he can effortlessly translate field names across all processes, making them more accessible and user-friendly for vendors worldwide.

To access this: 

  1. Under Multilingual settings, select AI Translate.

  2. Choose your desired language from the dropdown and click Auto-translate. 

Please note that this feature is available on the enterprise plan for standalone Kissflow Processes and Boards. Only languages available at the platform level will be supported within forms.

Read more about this here

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