Enhance Onboarding Experience with Extended Invite Expiration Time in Kissflow Portals

Introducing an exciting update to Kissflow Portals! Our portal administrators can now extend the invite expiration time, choosing anywhere from 1 to 7 days, instead of the standard 24 hours. This enhancement provides unparalleled flexibility in invitation timings for onboarding external portal users.

Previously, the limit was set to 24 hours for the expiration time, which sometimes posed challenges for admins managing the onboarding process. With this enhancement, portal admins have the freedom to set a more suitable and user-friendly invitation time frame, ensuring a smoother and more efficient onboarding experience for external portal users.

Tony, the portal administrator at Stark Industries, sends an invitation to Pepper Potts to join the Stark Industries Portal. With the extended invite expiration time feature set to 7 days, Pepper has ample time to review and accept the invitation. She comfortably accepts within the timeframe, ensuring a smooth onboarding experience for Stark Industries' Kissflow Portal.

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