Auto-Initiate Kissflow Process Items for User Groups Using Integrations

Would you like to initiate process items for user groups at regular intervals automatically?
You can achieve this with an integration using the Scheduler by Kissflow Connector.

How does it work? 
Sarah is in charge of overseeing the Monthly Review process for the Product Team at Stark Corporation. She has scheduled an integration that automatically initiates an item in the Monthly Review process for all users from a specific user group. This integration streamlines the review process and ensures it is efficiently carried out monthly.


Pro Tip: You can add multiple user groups to initiate items for different groups using a single integration.

Learn more about the Scheduler by Kissflow connector here

 suggested this use case to simplify the monthly review process. Instead of manually initiating an item for users, we have now automated this, which automatically initiates every month, saving time and effort.

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