User notification settings

 The Notification settings section allows users to customize account notification preferences according to their communication needs.

Global notifications

Click your profile picture > My settings > Notification settings. You can choose to turn on or off the email, web app and push notifications you will receive from the account.


Email notifications: Toggle this switch ON to receive notifications via email.

Web app notifications: Toggle this switch ON to receive notifications within the web application.

Push notifications: Toggle this switch ON to receive push notifications.


To ensure you receive critical updates and important information, the below essential system notifications are prioritized and will be sent to you regardless of your channel settings.



User activated

When a user’s account is activated.

User deactivated

When a user’s account is deactivated.

Resend email verification

When the verification email is resent.

Email address updated

When a user’s email address is updated.

User created

When a new user is created.

Reset password

When a user’s password is reset.

2FA status changed

When a user’s two-factor authentication status is changed.

Two factor verification

When two factor authentication is enabled with email code.

Domain verification

When a verification email is sent to connect a domain.

Waiting for admin approval

When a user creates a process/board/dataset


When any export related to a user, board, dataform, dataset, or report is carried out.

Notification channels

In this section, users can customize notifications specific to a particular process, board, dataset, app, or portal.