Using Kissflow System Fields to Identify Last Step Completions

Struggling to track who completes the final step in your workflow efficiently? 
Learn how to use the Kissflow system fields and expressions to compute this in your form fields. 

How does it work? 
Sarah is the project management lead at Stark Corporation. She uses the "last completed at" function and the "Get" expression to automatically retrieve the details of the last user who completed a step in the bug-tracking process. This helps her quickly identify the name of the developer who completed the final step without having to check the item log manually. By doing this, Sarah can generate reports efficiently and monitor project progress, optimizing her time and enhancing overall project management productivity.

To obtain the name of the user who completed a workflow in a form field, you can use the following formula in the formula builder:


In this formula, lastCompletedStep retrieves data of the last step of the workflow, and the get function retrieves the user details. The Name function in the formula returns the user's name who completed the last step.

Pro Tip: Apart from the username, you can also obtain other user details, such as email address, first name, and last name, as needed.

Read more about Kissflow system fields here.

proposed this method to automatically retrieve the details of the last completed user in the form item. This enables administrators to obtain user information efficiently for report generation purposes.

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