Customizing Employee Codes Using the Substring Method in Kissflow

Do you want to create customized employee codes for different departments in your team? 
The substring method can help you achieve this.

How does this work? 
Sarah has an employee onboarding form that generates employee codes for new employees. She has utilized the sequence number field to generate these codes. To customize this according to departments, she used the substring method in the Prefix to retrieve the first three letters from the department name. By doing this, she has generated different sets of codes for each department.

To use the Substring method, input the following into the prefix of the sequence number field: 

Employee_Department.substring(1, 3)

In this case, "Employee_Department" is the department dropdown field, from which the first three letters are extracted using the substring method. 

Read more about methods in text expressions here

With this simple method, you can automatically create customized codes tailored to your specific needs.

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