Product Tip: How to reassign an in-progress item in Kissflow

You can reassign items to another approver if you are a Process admin or workflow step approver. 

Let's consider a Travel reimbursement process with two approval steps: Manager Approval and Finance Lead Approval

Once the manager reviews the bills, they approve the item and send it to the Finance Lead Approval step. Let's say the Finance Lead Approval step approver is on leave, and all their in-progress tasks are pending approval. 

In this case, the Process admin can click Reassign, choose the user they would like to reassign the item to in the Reassign to field, add notes and click Reassign. Also, to reassign an item that is incorrectly assigned to you, you can follow the same steps to reassign the item. 

Note that the reassign button is shown to approvers in the workflow by default. If you want to hide it from approvers, you can hide it by clicking Hide under Configure actions in Permissions for a particular step or all workflow steps. 


Read more about reassigning an item here.

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