Introducing Improved Collaboration in Process Forms

We have exciting news! We have significantly improved the comments section to enhance collaboration on process forms. Here is what you can expect from the latest enhancements: 

Thread Assignment Control:

  • Assign comment threads to specific users within the item, customizing collaboration and priority. 

  • Once a comment is assigned to a user, it cannot be reassigned to other users. 

  • Both users assigned to a comment and those assigning it can resolve comments at their discretion. 

Streamlined Organization: You now have a dedicated "Assigned comments" tab, which provides a consolidated view of all comments assigned to you for effortless tracking and management. 

Enhanced Visibility and Notification: Everyone gets more visibility and accountability by assigning comments to specific users. This also provides improved notifications to those assigned, as they have a separate tab for items with assigned comments. 


Use Case: 
Let's consider an invoice approval process with an approval step involving three step-approvers: James, Bucky, and Stark. 

If James requires further details about an item, he can assign a comment to Bucky. This ensures accountability since Bucky must address the assigned comment for James to proceed. When Bucky checks his assigned items, he can conveniently view associated comments, streamlining the review process. This system enhances clarity, accountability, and efficiency in the approval workflow.

To know more about this feature, click here

We would love to know how these enhancements make collaborating on process forms easier for you. Go ahead and tell us in the comments below.

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