Revamping Kissflow Forms

Hey there, Kissflow users! We've got some interesting updates in the pipeline that will make your experience with Kissflow Forms even smoother. 

A Kissflow Form is an entity used in processes, boards, and apps (data form) with which you can collect input from the people who participate in those workflows. 

Now, get ready for a revamped and more intuitive look for forms across Kissflow. Please note that this change will not affect any of the existing form behaviors. Here's what you can expect:

Common right navigation strip

The newly revamped form will have a common navigation strip placed at the right end, where you can switch between different tabs. We’re retaining the current details panel at the right, to show relevant information based on your tab selection.


Collapsible right navigation

With this change, you can maximize your screen space by collapsing the details panel to show only the navigation strip, giving you more room to work in your form.


Changes to process forms

Within process forms, we’re renaming the Widgets tab to Details for better clarity. As a result, the new right navigation strip will now comprise the Details and Comments tabs.


Additionally, we’re removing the capability to react with emojis on a process comment, although you can still like it.

Changes to board forms

We're updating the following board terminologies to enhance clarity:

  1. Transitions will be renamed to Status log.

  2. Activity will be renamed to Activity log.

The new right navigation strip of board forms will comprise the below tabs:

  1. Details - Will contain the system fields (Status, Assignee, Priority, Due date, and Requester).

  2. Subitems - Will contain all the subitems of the particular item.

  3. Notes - Will contain all the notes created in an item.

  4. Item log - Will contain the Status log and Activity log tabs.

We’re removing the Created at and Last modified information, as you can view that information in the Audit log and the Item log tab.


Quick access section panel

Post changes, the sections panel of process forms will not be static, and will now be accessible once you hover over the new quick access menu () in the top left side of the form. However, you can lock it if you want by clicking the Lock sections panel button () for added convenience.

Current form:

After the change:

We’ll be introducing the quick access section panel for the board forms too, making it easier to navigate to particular sections inside a board item. 



Scheduled date

These exciting changes will be rolled out tentatively in the last week of November, 2023.

We're confident these changes will make your Kissflow experience even more intuitive and enjoyable. Stay tuned for the update, and as always, feel free to reach out to us in the comments section if you have any questions.