Automate License Expiry Notifications With Kissflow Integrations

Do you want to set an expiry date for your Kissflow process form and automatically notify users when the form expires?
You can easily achieve this with a few conditions in your process form and a simple integration. 

How does it work?
Stark Corporation issues its employees half-yearly library memberships, which expire every six months. To renew the membership, employees must submit a new request. This is automated using a simple integration and a process form with specific conditions.


Pro Tip: Customize the notification frequency with the scheduler connector and schedule it daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly based on your requirements.

Learn more about the Scheduler by Kissflow connector here

 suggested automating the process of creating expiry for library membership and auto-notifying users. This has saved time by eliminating the manual tracking of library membership data and informing users.

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