Creating and managing data forms

To create a data form inside your Application builder,

  1. Go to Forms > Data forms > Create a data form.
  2. Enter the data form name. You can also optionally add a description and category to help you organize and find your data form later.
  3. Click Create.

Building a data form

After creating a data form, you'll land on the data form editor screen. The basic form, views, reports, roles, and settings are handled on the left side of the editor. The form appears on the center and the basic and advanced fields are provided on the right side of your editor. You can either click within the form or drag and drop the fields onto the form directly. Once the form is set up, click Save to make it available inside the application.

Renaming, duplicating, and archiving a data form

To rename your data form, simply click on the More options button () on your data form. Click Rename. Change your form's name and description. Follow the similar steps to Duplicate and Archive a data form. When you duplicate a data form, all the associated fields from the original data form are also copied.

Finding a data form

All the data forms that you create sits on the data forms gallery. Use the search bar to quickly find a specific data form by name.

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