Exporting items from a board


You can export items to a .CSV file. The file is emailed to your email ID registered in Kissflow.

Exporting helps you to share information about items with others who may not have access to Kissflow. You can also use the exported file to import data to other applications.

The board exports only the fields that are visible in each layout. Hidden fields are not exported. If you're exporting from the List layout, all visible fields in the list layout, except the fields mentioned below, get exported:

  • Lookup
  • Remote lookup
  • Image
  • Signature
  • Attachment
  • Checklist

Other details from an item, such as notes, activity, item transitions, and fields within tables are also not included.


Currency fields are displayed as two different columns in the exported file. One column indicates the currency code and the other denotes the value.

If you have applied a filter or sorted information, the same conditions are applied to data when it is exported. For example, if you have applied a filter, only the filtered items are exported.

  1. To export items, click the drop-down in the upper right corner of the layout and click Export to export and email the file.
  2. Download the exported .CSV file from your email.