Chat and Space FAQs

  1. How to create an instant group? 
    To create an instant group, go to the Chat tab on the left navigation panel > click the Create a chat button (). Enter the names or email addresses of the users with whom you wish to start this group. Instant groups do not require a name and support a minimum of three members and a maximum of ten. After you have added the required members, type your message and click Send to create the group.

  2. How to join an open group?
    You may instantly join an open group by clicking the Join group button. There are, however, open groups where you must make a request to join. You can send a request to the group admin by clicking the Request to Join button. 
  3. How to respond to messages on a wall?
    You can respond to wall messages by clicking the Send to wall checkbox from the corresponding closed group. Your message will be posted on the group's wall.
  4. How to explore a space?
    You can create a space or upgrade a group to space. You can create Open, Closed, and Secret spaces of your choice. After creating a space, you can add different tabs such as Chat, Files, Forum, and Streams.
  5. How to upgrade a group to space?
    On the top right corner of the group chat, click the More options button () > Upgrade to a space. Select the necessary tabs required for the space and click Confirm.
  6. How to pin a space to my left navigation panel?
    Go to Space and click the Pin to navigation button () beside the spaceโ€™s profile name and icon. If you want to remove the space from the left navigation panel, click the Unpin from navigation button ().
  7. How to access archived chats?
    You can access all the archived chats by clicking the Hamburger button () above the chat Search > Archived chats.
  8. How to access archived spaces?
    You can access archived spaces by clicking the Hamburger button () above the Search in space > Archived spaces.
  9. How to access starred messages?
    You can access all starred messages by clicking the Hamburger button () above the chat Search > Starred messages.
  10. How to add a forum and topic in space?
    To add a forum in a space, click Add a tab button () > Forum (). Once a forum has been created, click Create a topic.
  11. How to jot down notes in chat?
    You can find your profile and start a direct chat with yourself to jot down important thoughts and ideas, as well as attach files and other media. You can use chat with yourself to create a to-do list or take notes for yourself this way.
  12. How to send a buzz notification?
    Buzz notification is a high-priority sound notification that is sent to alert a user about an important message. You can send a buzz notification by typing @buzz and adding a space before pressing enter in a direct or group chat. If you want to @buzz a particular member of a group, you can @buzz @mention the user to send the buzz notification.