Introducing Card Report for Kissflow Apps

Upgrade your app reporting capabilities with Card Report for Apps, designed to enhance your app reporting experience. With this new addition, you can now create visually engaging cards that represent essential metrics and KPIs.

Our Card Report feature offers four distinct card types: Simple Card, Icon Card, KPI Card, and Comparison Card.

Simple Card:

  • Streamlined and concise representation of aggregated numerical data.
  • Ideal for presenting straightforward metrics with ease.


Icon Card:

  • Enhanced visual representation with icons associated with numerical values.
  • Perfect for highlighting key metrics using intuitive icons.


KPI Card:

  • Detailed presentation of key performance indicators, showcasing progress from actual values to target values.
  • Users can choose from four different KPI card types to visualize alignment with targets, providing a comprehensive view of performance.


Comparison Card:

  • Facilitates side-by-side comparison of two metrics for informed decision-making.
  • Simplifies comparison and aids in quick analysis.


With these versatile card types, you can effortlessly communicate essential metrics and KPIs to stakeholders, allowing them to make data-driven decisions.

Here are two examples of how you can use these cards. 

KPI Card: Tony uses the KPI card to monitor Iron Man suit sales. The actual sales volume is 500 suits, while the annual target is 600 suits. The KPI card shows a shortfall of 100 suits to reach the target. The remaining 100 suits to be sold are indicated by a red downward arrow on the card. This helps Tony plan and bridge the gap to meet the sales target. The KPI card provides actionable insights for informed decisions and drives sales success for Stark Industries.

Comparison Card: Suppose Pepper Potts needs to compare the number of leaves taken by Bucky and the total number of leaves for the year. To compare and generate a report, he can include the total number of leaves in the Target value field and the availed leaves in the Actual value field. This will provide a direct comparison of the values side by side.

Read more about this here

Note: This is available on the Enterprise plan for App users. 

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