Enhancing Email Efficiency: Auto-fetch Process Item URLs in Emails With Kissflow Integrations

Do you use Kissflow integrations to send automated emails? 
You can customize these emails by automatically fetching Process Item URLs and incorporating them into the email body.

How does it work?
Stark Corporation has implemented a training program for its new hires, which is organized and monitored using Kissflow processes. Upon completion of a product training session by an employee, an email is automatically dispatched to the coordinator. This email contains detailed information about the employee and the process URL specific to the completed item. This unique process URL serves as a tracking and documentation reference, aiding in efficient training program management.

Here’s the format to auto-fetch process item URLs:
concatenate(item URL, Process Instance ID)


Pro Tip: You can manually type or simply drag-and-drop the fields and functions in the editor or search for the fields and functions on the right side of the formula builder.

Read more about the email connector here

 proposed this use case to improve the training coordinators' email communication process. Including the item URL in the email allows the coordinators to quickly review the process items, streamlining the review process and saving valuable time for everyone involved.

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