FAQ - Connected boards

  1. Why am I not able to unlock a source item?

    Only the board admins can unlock a source item.
  2. Why am I not able to see the board I want to connect to?

    You can see only the boards where you have admin access.
  3. Why can't I create dependent items for all the table entries in my source item at once?

    Based on the number of table entries/rows in the source item, you can create up to 100 dependent items in the connected board. 

    If the number of table entries in the source table is more than 100, you can still create only 100 dependent items.
  4. I am getting an error while creating items in the connected board. What could cause this?

    It can be due to one of the below reasons:
    • The source item did not meet the set conditions.

    • Simultaneous bulk updates: In the list layout, if you try to bulk-update items to a flow-connected status, while another bulk-update to the same status is already in progress.

  5. What happens if the table entries do not meet the conditions for creating dependent items?

    • If no table entries meet the set condition, the source item will still move to the flow-connected status and remain unlocked even if the status has a lock configuration. 
    • If at least one table entry meets the condition, the source item will move to the flow-connected status and get locked if the status has a lock configuration. In this case, the dependent items will be created for the table entries that meet the condition.
  6. Can I create dependent items from the same source item for more than one time?

    By moving an item back to the flow-connected status, you can create dependent item(s) again. 
  7. Can I  I disable the lock configuration for a status if it contains locked items?

    Lock configuration cannot be disabled and made live as long as there is at least one locked item in the status.
  8. Can I  delete a status that is connected to a board?

    A flow-connected status can be deleted and made live only if it has no items in it. Ensure there are no items in the flow-connected status. If there are any items, they must also be deleted along with the status.