Coming soon: Form lookup field enhancements for runtime and configuration

We're excited to announce upcoming improvements to Kissflow's form lookup fields, set to roll out in mid-July 2024. These enhancements will allow Flow Admins greater flexibility in customizing how lookups appear during selection and display in form runtime. This increased control will significantly improve usability and data presentation, allowing admins to tailor the lookup experience to their specific needs.

What can be expected?

  1. Flexible selection modes
    • Options include textual cards, visual cards, table views, and dropdown values.
    • Customize visible fields during selection for streamlined data entry.
  2. Custom display modes
    • Choose from textual cards, image cards, or simple value displays.
    • Find a real-time preview for immediate configuration feedback.
  3. Improved configuration process

    • The new two-step approach is to select fields and then choose view mode.
    • Dynamic updates ensure consistency between selection and display views.


These enhancements bring several advantages to your form. You can optimize space usage inside forms with various view options, ensuring a cleaner and more efficient layout. The new features also allow consistent layouts across different forms, improving the user experience. Additionally, you can access images, attachments, and critical data directly within lookup fields, streamlining data retrieval. The improved selection view makes it easier to compare multiple values, enhancing decision-making processes.


The new lookup field enhancements will be launched in mid-July 2024. This update will be available on web and mobile platforms, ensuring a consistent experience across all devices. We're pleased to announce that these features will be accessible to all Kissflow plan users, allowing everyone to benefit from these improvements.

Please comment below or contact our support team for more information or questions.

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