Introducing the MS SQL Connector for External Data Object in Kissflow Apps

Kissflow Apps has enhanced its data access capabilities with the addition of the MS SQL connector for External Data Object, alongside the existing MySQL connector. This addition broadens Kissflow's database integration options, significantly improving its ability to manage enterprise-grade data.

With this connector, you now have the power to seamlessly integrate your external MS SQL databases with Kissflow, enabling a more fluid and dynamic data flow. This feature enhances data access and streamlines workflows, boosting productivity and decision-making by ensuring critical business information is always at your fingertips.

Let’s say Bucky, the Sales Manager at Stark Corporation, uses Kissflow Apps to track customer orders. With the new MS SQL connector, he can instantly access sales data stored in their MS SQL database, streamlining the sales process and making quick data-driven decisions. 

Read more about setting up an external data connection here.

Explore the capabilities of the MS SQL connector today. Your feedback and enthusiasm drive us forward, so don't hesitate to sign in, like this announcement, and share your thoughts in the comments. To request access for the same, please do comment below. 

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