Introducing App Notifications and Enhanced Controls for Kissflow Notifications

We've made some exciting enhancements to the Kissflow notification system, providing a more seamless and efficient experience.

App Notifications:
Kissflow Apps now feature a comprehensive notification system comprising email, web app, and push notifications. This enhancement facilitates easy tracking of crucial app updates and activities. You can control the notifications related to transactions and flow administration notifications. 


Notification Customization:
Our notification customization options have now extended beyond Kissflow Processes to include Kissflow Boards and Apps. This broader scope enables you to tailor notifications, adjust them based on your preferences, and define recipients and delivery conditions. Similar to apps, boards provide item and board management notifications specifically for administrators.


Take Pepper Potts, the Procurement Manager at Stark Corporation, for example. In the procurement order process, various steps demand approval from different approvers. Pepper has personalized the notification system by establishing conditions that prompt notifications according to the current workflow stage. For instance, when an item reaches the finance approver stage, tailored notifications are exclusively sent to the finance approvers. Likewise, as it progresses to the department approvers, a separate customized notification is dispatched to them.

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