Creating and managing service accounts

Creating a service account

Service accounts let you automate certain aspects of your Kissflow account. You can create and access service accounts as a Super Admin, or an IAM Admin of your account.

  1. Click your profile picture in the upper-right corner of the Home screen and click Account Administration > Service account
  2. Enter a unique name for your service account. It should be less than 80 characters in length. Choose an icon from the dropdown list. Optionally, describe how you intend to use this service account.

Configuring a service account

Once you have created the service account, you will be taken to the home page, divided into three tabs: Access keys, Associated resources, and the Audit log. You can create up to 50 access keys per service account. Here's how you can create a new access key:

  1. Click the Create access key
  2. Enter the name of the access key. 
  3. Choose an expiry. It can range anywhere from 6 months to up to 2 years. 

While you can create access keys with a lengthy expiry, we request you create access keys with a shorter expiry so they are not misused. You can view the access key on the Access keys page once the access key has been created. If a specific access key is not in use, you can make it inactive using the Status toggle button. 

Associated resources

The associated resources page of a service account shows you what flows and common resources a service account has access to. You can filter by processes, datasets, boards, apps, or collaboration and view what flows this service account has access to. You can also see whether or not impersonation is enabled for a particular flow.

Audit log

The Audit log within the service account contains the audit log of the following:

  • All activities related to a service account.
  • Access key associated actions. 
  • Actions the service account performed on behalf of others.


Creating new service accounts and deleting them are recorded in the account-wide Audit log available separately inside Account Administration. 

Managing service accounts

After creating a service account, you can find it on the service account page inside the Account Administration page. The Service account page gives you a snapshot of all the service accounts created in this account. You can see the present status of the service account, the last accessed, the number of access keys created and their status, and the admins of a particular service account.


As a Super Admin, you can access all the service accounts by default. To manage it, you may add others as SA (Service Account) Admins. Inside the service account, click the Add members button () and click + Add Admins to add any user of your Kissflow account to manage this service account. The same user can be the SA Admin for multiple service accounts. Service accounts have a unique 'bot' icon to distinguish them from normal user accounts. SA Admins can activate or deactivate a service account. Each enterprise account in Kissflow can create a maximum of 25 service accounts. 

Deactivating service accounts

To avoid misuse of service accounts, you can deactivate the ones not being used. Click the More options button () and click Deactivate. Suppose your service account is shared with any flows, integrations, or if any items are assigned to it. In that case, they will be mentioned to avoid accidental deactivation and stop any automated actions using the service account. Once the service account is deactivated, it is in an Inactive state, and you cannot make changes while in that state. To activate an inactive service account, select the service account and click the More options button () > Activate.