Status performance report


The status performance report displays all descriptive statistics about the distribution of time ranges in the data. This report provides the minimum, maximum, mean, and median time spent by items for each step and assignee combination.

To access this report, click Reports on your board. This will take you to the Metrics tab by default, where you can find the status performance report.



You can use this report to isolate steps where items take up more time than others and identify performance ranges in your board. You can further break down each step by users of your team.

Minimum time: The least time spent by items in a specific step or with a user.  

Maximum time: The maximum time spent by items in a specific step or with a user.

Mean time: The average time spent by items in a particular step or with a user. It is calculated by adding up the individual time values and dividing the result by the number of items in these steps or with these users. It is also known as the arithmetic mean.

Median time: This is preferred over mean time when you have outliers in your data ranges. Just like the mean time, the median also represents the location of a set of numerical data points by means of a single number. Roughly speaking, the median is the value that splits the data points into two halves: the (approximately) 50% largest and 50% lowest data in the collective when arranged in ascending order.

To export the status performance report as a CSV file, click the Export as CSV button (). For an enlarged view of the report, click the Expand button (). Now, you will also have the option to set the time period of the report and apply filters to it apart from exporting it.

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