Connecting boards

By connecting multiple boards, you can automate item creation and orchestrate the item’s end-to-end lifecycle across those boards. Here’s how you can do it:


  1. Click the More options button () at the top right corner, and click Edit workflow. The Workflow settings modal will open up.

  2. Click Connect a flow to a status.


  3. In the panel that opens on the right, 

    • Enter the name and description (optional) of the status.

    • Select which board you want to connect to the status and create dependent items in it.

    • Map fields: You can map fields between the connected boards so that the source item’s field values are inherited by the dependent item(s). Additionally, you can add functions while mapping the fields.

      To do table-to-table field mapping between the current and connected board, click Add a table, select the table, and add the fields you want to map.

    • Lock source items: You can lock the source item in the same status until all of its dependent items reach a desired status in the connected board. You cannot edit this source item until it is unlocked.

      1. Select the status to which the dependent items should move and unlock their source item.

      2. Select the status in the current board to which the source item should move after it’s unlocked.

        Unlock the source item after its connected items reach the status.


        Only admins can unlock the source item manually by clicking the Unlock button on the item or inside the form. Unlocking an item releases it from the lock configuration that is set for the particular status.

    • Finally, set conditions for creating dependent items in the connected board. Only those items that match the conditions can enter the flow-connected status.

  4. Click Go live to update the changes or Save & close to return later and edit the workflow.

You can find the source and dependent items of an item in the Connected items tab on the right.

Creating multiple dependent items

You can create multiple dependent items in the connected board from a source item’s table entries/rows. The number of dependent items created is equal to the number of rows in the selected table. Toggle Create items from table entries and select a table. 


You can select only one table to create multiple dependent items.

You can also set conditions for creating those dependent items by adding a filter.

When Create items from table entries is toggled on, the table fields from the source item will become available for field mapping.