Android devices

If you are using an Android device, you can either use your browser to access your Kissflow account or use it as a Progressive Web App.

Using a mobile browser

Use your preferred mobile browser to navigate to the URL where your account is located. It will be <accountname>.kissflow.com.

Using a Progressive Web App (PWA)

A Progressive Web App gives a native app-like user experience, and it functions just like a mobile app. It also consumes less data and does not require any software updates. 


Minimum system requirements: 2GB RAM

New features are constantly being added to the PWA version of Kissflow; however, only a limited set of features are available at the moment.

Advantages of Kissflow PWA app

The Kissflow PWA app has the following advantages over a native app:

  1. Instant software upgrade - Unlike a native app, where software upgrades are delivered gradually over time, a PWA app's software update is smoother and more rapid.
  2. No device memory used - Every native app consumes a significant amount of device memory and processing power. This is not the case when using a PWA app that runs on your mobile browser.

Installing the Kissflow PWA app

  1. In your Android mobile app, open Chrome, Firefox, or any favorite browser and type your Kissflow account domain URL (https://<domainname>.kissflow.com) in the address bar.


  2. Tap the menu () > Add to Home screen and click Add.

  3. The PWA app will be automatically listed on the home screen of your android device.

 Enabling push notifications 

  1. Tap your profile picture in the upper-right corner.

  2. Tap the More options button ().

  3. Tap Notification settings.

  4. Toggle and enable Push notifications.