Connected boards - Overview

In Kissflow, you can connect multiple boards and create work items in them based on a parent/source board’s item. This enhances overall efficiency and simplifies workflow management for team managers and IT admins who need to connect and orchestrate multiple workflows and gain complete visibility into them.


  1. Automate item creation: When a work item in a parent/source board reaches a certain status, new items are automatically created in connected boards. This reduces manual effort and ensures timely task creation.

  2. Improve coordination: By creating related/dependent items across different boards, teams can better coordinate their efforts and maintain a holistic view of the project’s progress.

  3. Reduce errors: Automated item creation minimizes the risk of overlooking important tasks or miscommunication between teams.

Use case: Connecting Employee onboarding and IT asset approval boards

Let’s say you want to create an IT asset request when a new hire accepts their job offer letter. Offer letter approvals are tracked in the Employee onboarding board, which has a status named Offer accepted. You can specifically connect the Offer accepted status to the IT asset approval board, where IT asset requests are made. So, whenever you move an item to the Offer accepted status, one or more IT asset requests will be created. 

Example scenario

  1. New hire: John Doe accepts his offer letter for the role of Software Engineer, with a joining date of June 15.

  2. Onboarding status update: The HR team updates John's onboarding item to Offer accepted status in the Employee onboarding board.

  3. Automated IT request: As the Offer accepted status is connected to the IT asset approval board, a dependent item is automatically created in it. This new item can inherit the following details from the Employee onboarding board:

    • Employee name: John Doe

    • Required assets: Laptop, Software licenses

    • Due date: June 15

    • Department: Software Engineering

The IT team receives this request and proceeds to prepare the necessary assets, ensuring they are ready for John Doe’s first day.