Creating spaces

Space lets you chat with other members, view files, have discussions in the forum, and filter messages using streams. You can access Space in the left navigation panel below Chat. This is where you can create new spaces and access existing ones.

To create a new space, follow these steps:

  1. Click Space > Create a space button ().
  2. Enter the name of the space.
  3. Select the space type: Open, Closed, or Secret.
  4. Based on your preference, select the Chat and Files checkboxes for open and secret spaces. You will only be able to select Files for a closed space. By default, Chat and Wall are enabled for closed spaces.
  5. Click Create button.

After your space is created, you can add Forum and Streams to the space by clicking Add a tab button () inside the space. If you create a space without any tabs, you can still add tabs in the same way. After you've created your space, you can change the name and logo.


Super Admins can access the Secret space and add themselves as a member of the space.

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