Getting started with Space

Kissflow Space allows you to create unique interest groups for members to collaborate via chat, hold discussions about specific topics within the forum, access files, documents, and media contextually, and filter and search messages using different streams.

Kissflow Chat and Space are always in sync. This implies that your space chat will also be available within Chat under the same name. You can access several spaces within the Kissflow Work Platform on the left navigation panel underneath the Chat menu. According to the admin's preferences, an existing group can be upgraded to a space.

Here's a brief overview of what you can accomplish with Kissflow Space:

  • Start conversing with other space members by creating open, closed, or secret spaces
  • Take part in Forum discussions inside the space to have engaging interactions about different topics.
  • Add a Stream to easily access a set of messages with the same hashtag. 
  • Access the files, docs, and media you shared in the space chat window.

Different types of Spaces

Open space

You can set up an open space to host general conversations involving your entire organization. For example, you can create an open space for official company announcements. You can pre-select or deselect chat, files, and forum when creating an open space. When you pick this option, tabs will be added automatically when you create a space. Space settings allow you to adjust the settings in space thereafter.

Closed space

By default, a closed space allows you to create files, chat, and a forum. You can create a closed space to drive conversations with selected members of your team. For example, you can create a closed space for your marketing team, product management team, etc. It has a space wall that enables external collaboration between different spaces in the account.

Space wall

A closed space has a Space wall by default, which acts as a medium of interaction between space members and other spaces. It enables other spaces to receive updates or ask queries. Members in the closed space can continue their conversations without revealing their chat, files, forum topics, and so on to external spaces.

Secret space

A secret space allows you to create an undiscovered space only the members you add can see. Non-members cannot access the secret space unless the admin adds them. You can create a secret space for specialized tasks that involve only a few members of your team and do not need to be shared with outside groups. For example, you can create a secret space to plan an upcoming marketing event.

Space chats

You can use chat within a space to drive collaboration among members of that space. You can also set up Google Meet meetings by clicking the Conference Icon () inside the space chat.


You can access all the documents, media, and links shared inside the chat window from the Files tab. Your space and chat are always in sync to make it easier for you to access files you’ve shared in the chat inside space. You can also pin and star important messages to access the files easily.


You can start a topic in a forum to have contextual discussions with other members of your space. You can add a Forum tab inside a space and create topics of your choice. In Forum topics, you have the option of marking the best solution. Depending on the status of the discussion, you can also mark a Forum topic as Closed or Solved. You can bookmark a topic in the Forum. The forum topic is automatically shared within the chat window once it’s published.


You can easily access all messages with the same hashtags by adding streams to your space. A stream is a collection of messages with the same hashtag. Stream allows you to search for all messages in a specific category.

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