Task delegation

As part of Account Administration, the task delegation feature allows Super Admins to delegate future tasks to users out of the office or on vacation. Super Admins can choose to delegate all the tasks to another user or delegate tasks from different processes to different users. 

Only new tasks will be delegated, and existing tasks will still be assigned to the same user.

Task delegation table

The task delegation table lists all the existing delegations created by Super Admins. You can create new delegations and view, edit, and cancel existing delegations.

Adding a new delegation

To add a new delegation:

  1. Click your profile picture > Account administration > Task delegation > + New.
  2. Select the user whose tasks you want to delegate.
  3. Choose the date on which the delegation should start.
  4. Choose if you want to delegate tasks from all the processes the user is a part of or only specific processes.
  5. If you have chosen All processes, select the user to which you want to delegate the tasks.
  6. If you have chosen Specific processes, select the users to whom you want to delegate tasks from the different processes in the list. 
  7. To delegate tasks from multiple processes to a single user, select the processes using the checkbox next to their name, click Delegate to, and select the user.

    If you have chosen Specific processes, only processes for which you have selected a user to delegate tasks will be delegated. Tasks from the remaining processes will not be delegated.
  8. Once you’ve selected the users, click Create.

You can also view and edit existing delegations by selecting the delegation from the Task delegation table and clicking Edit Delegation.

After the user returns to work, they will be greeted with a welcome message about the delegation. They can review the delegation and cancel it to continue acting on items. They can also cancel the delegation from My settings > Task delegation.

You may face a scenario where the user has already added a delegation for themselves from their user settings. In such cases, any delegation you add will override and remove the existing delegation added by the user.

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