Introduction to Kissflow App Store

Kissflow App Store is a dedicated place that hosts a wide array of applications that cater to different business use cases. Unlike the process and board templates in Kissflow’s template gallery, the Kissflow App Store hosts pre-built applications that are totally designed and developed by Kissflow specialists with little to no coding efforts. After installation, you can quickly deploy these applications for your end users.

While you can quickly build your own apps using the Work Platform, the Kissflow App Store can help you cut down the time and effort even further by delivering ready-made applications with features like role-based views and dashboards for common use cases ranging from Employee Management to OKR and more.

Which businesses can benefit from Kissflow App Store?


Early-stage start-ups are affected by the operational needs of the business, limiting their ability to focus on business development. Kissflow App Store applications can help them streamline business operations more efficiently, allowing them to focus on work that actually grows their business.

Small and mid-sized businesses

Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) must focus on sustainable business operations during the growth phase. Readymade apps in the Kissflow App Store, such as the Employee Management app, offer much-needed reliability to SMBs.

Large enterprises

For any established enterprise business, achieving operational excellence is critical to its sustainability. Applications in Kissflow App Store can provide complete automation of business operations, assisting large enterprises with their digital transformation.