Introduction to external data objects

External data object, one of the flow types in Kissflow, helps users to seamlessly access the data stored in external platforms like MySQL and MSSQL, thereby eliminating the need to store it within Kissflow. This approach enhances data privacy and security. 


Currently, external data object is limited to Kissflow apps and supports only MySQL and MSSQL (version 2017 and above). However, moving forward, new connectors will be added periodically. 

Traditionally, users had to export data from their external platforms and import it into Kissflow, necessitating data storage within Kissflow systems, which was a major concern for many users. Additionally, manual imports posed synchronization challenges, requiring users to create integrations or write custom code to maintain data accuracy. 


To address these issues, external data objects offer a practical solution. 


You can consume data from external platforms directly in Kissflow, without storing the data anywhere in Kissflow, through an external connection. This process simplifies data integration and ensures real-time, secure access to information.


This feature is exclusive to Kissflow’s Enterprise version and will be accessible upon request. To request access, please contact your Kissflow Account managers, or feel free to leave a comment on this post, and the team will reach out to you.

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