Quick search in Kissflow

The quick search feature allows you to search for flow-level items and tasks in projects, case systems, processes, teams, and chat and instantly navigate to them. Depending on the flow type, it also shows the results for item-level instances. 

Searching process items

In the case of process, the items that appear in the search are as follows:

  • Items in the draft state. 
  • Items initiated by you.
  • Items assigned to you for approval.
  • Items that you withdrew.
  • All of the other items you have access to within a process.

Searching project tasks and cases

A quick search for projects and case systems would retrieve all of the tasks and cases you have access to.

With the search results, you can also get quick guidance based on the flow type you're looking for and your role in your Kissflow account. When you look for other users within your Kissflow account, for example, you have two quick help options: 'Message' them or browse their 'Profile.'