Customizing Emails and Notification Templates


In Kissflow, you can customize the templates of notification cards and emails sent to users for the different events triggered in your process.

This feature can be accessed from Settings > Notification Settings. From this page, you can find the list of events that triggers email and web app notifications to users.

To customize the templates for an event, click Edit > Edit email and Edit web app for email and notification cards, respectively. Alternatively, click View > View email or View web app > Edit to preview the existing template before editing.

Customizing notifications cards

To customize the notification card for an event, find the event and click Edit > Edit web app. This will open a popup window in which you can add and remove fields from the notification card. You can add up to 18 fields to display on the card. 

To add a field, find the field from the pane on the extreme left and check the empty circle next to it. To remove the field, uncheck the circle. Once you’ve added them, you can sort their positions on the card from the Sort selected fields section. You can also remove fields from this section. 

Click Save when you are done.

Customizing email templates

To customize the email template for an event, find the event and click Edit > Edit email. This will open a popup window in which you can customize the content and fields that make up the email. 

The email template editor works like any other email editor and supports the formatting options like font size, bold, italics, inserting links, etc. Here, you can edit the subject and body content of the email.

From the left side of the popup, you can find the user and system fields in the process. To add a field to the template, click and drag it to the subject or body section. To remove a field from the template, click the field and hit Delete or Backspace on your keyboard.

To see how the email will look to end users, preview the template by clicking Preview on the top right corner.

All emails have a default system-defined template which you can revert to by clicking Reset to default next to Preview.

Once you’ve made all the changes, click Save.

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