Process settings


When you create a process, you become the Flow Admin. Here's more about what a Flow Admin can do in a process.

To configure or change settings for process, click the More options button () > Settings on the process page.

General settings

On the General tab, you can configure form titles, lock submission, and share quick links.

Configuring form titles

The form title is the unique name given to each item as it goes through the process workflow. To configure form titles, click the Add button (+) and arrange default system fields or form fields in the order that you want, and then click Save. Based on this format, titles are auto generated and are displayed on top of each process form.


Lock submission

When you are working on the process or making significant changes, you may want to stop members of the process from starting new items. To lock submissions, select the Do not allow new submissions checkbox, and click Save.

After enabling this, members will not be able to initiate new items and nothing will show in the feed. However, items in progress will continue to follow the workflow. Items in draft cannot be submitted until this option is removed.


Quick Link

Share this link with members of your process so they can immediately start a new item if they are logged in. If they are not logged in, they will be directed to the login page first.


Notification settings

On the Notification settings tab, you can enable and disable, preview, and customize the templates of long and short notifications sent to users for the different events triggered in your process.

Learn more about customizing email and notification templates here.

Security settings

On the Security settings tab, you can restrict flow and field permissions.

By default, all other flows in your account are able to find values in your process. If you want to restrict this, select Choose flows that can look up this process and type the flows you want to grant access to the process. To remove a flow, click the Remove button next to the flow name. Click Save when finished.

You can also restrict which fields are able to be looked up.

You can also restrict the fields that can be looked up by other flows.

Print and Download Permissions

Process Admins can allow or restrict permissions to users impacting their ability to print forms or download attachments in Processes.

They can toggle between two options which are Anyone and Only Admin for each flow type individually. These changes are Flow level changes, and they can, in some cases, be overridden by permissions set at Account Administration level.

Setting the permission to Anyone would allow any user to download attachments or print forms. Choosing Only Admin would restrict download and print permissions only to Flow Admins.


Public form settings

On the Public form settings tab, you can enable and disable public form for this process.

To enable, turn ON the Public form URL. Then, copy the URL and share it with anyone outside the organization.

To disable, turn OFF the Public form URL and it will be disabled. Once the public form is disabled, the external users will not be able to initiate new items. However, the items that are in progress will complete the workflow steps.


Sequence numbers

On the Sequence numbers tab, youโ€™ll see all the configured sequence numbers for this process. 

  • Total sequence numbers displays the active prefixes for your sequence number field.
  • The Prefix shows the prefix you configured in the form. If you use a dynamic field such as Department, it will show you the different numbers generated for different departments. 
  • The Current Number displays the number of current requests for each prefix. 

To reset a prefix, click Reset on that particular prefix row. Then enter the number and click Reset. When a new request is raised in that department, the sequence number will start from that number.

Restart a particular sequence number

To delete a prefix, click Restart on that particular prefix row. This will erase the ongoing sequence number. When a new item is initiated in that department, by default the sequence number will start from 1 .

Reset All and Restart All sequence numbers

You can also choose to restart and delete all the active prefixes by clicking on Reset all or Restart all

By clicking on Reset all, youโ€™ll be asked for the number to restart with. When a new item is initiated it the sequence number will start with the entered number.

By clicking on Restart all will erase all the current sequence numbers. When a new item is initiated the sequence number will start from 1. 

Multilingual settings

Multilingual settings allow Kissflow Process admins/developers and Board admins to customize and present their workflow forms in various languages by incorporating manually translated form labels.

For instance, if you've designed a form in English but wish to cater to Chinese speakers, follow the steps below. Once set up, the form will adjust to Chinese for users who've chosen Chinese in their profile settings, ensuring a seamless experience for both English and Chinese speakers.

  1. Select the language.
  2. Download the form labels.
  3. Manually translate the labels.
  4. Import the labels back into the form.


This feature is available for the standalone Kissflow Processes and Boards. Only languages available at the platform level will be supported within forms.

Learn about adding multiple languages in detail.