Importing data from a CSV


Admins and members can import condition and result values from a CSV into a decision table. 

To import,

  1. Click the Import CSV button in the top right corner. The file picker pops up, where you can select the desired file with a .csv extension.

    After importing the CSV file, the system checks it for file corruption and delimiter errors. If you find an issue, please correct it in the CSV file before re-uploading it.
  2. In the tab that opens up, map the CSV columns with the conditions/results of your decision table and click Next.


    You can map the CSV columns with the decision table conditions/results only if their data types are the same.

  3. After mapping, you will have choices on how to handle the data in your decision table.
    1. You can add new rows and delete existing ones, or add new rows and keep existing ones while importing the data.
    2. You can skip specific rows or cancel the import in case of errors.

  4. After you have selected your options, click Next. Your data will begin importing.