Extracting a text and number using remote lookup

You can use a remote lookup field to extract data from an external API. For example, you may want to display the general weather forecast and temperature for a particular city. 

  1. Create a new text field called City
  2. Create a remote lookup field called Weather
  3. In the URL field, add the API link such as one from OpenWeather.
  4. In this link, weโ€™ve entered the Field ID from the first field we made.
  5. Choose GET as the request type.
  6. Header name and Body name are not required for this example.
  7. In the field What kind of data are you working with?,  choose JSON
  8. In JSON path of value in result enter $
  9. In the field What kind of data are you working with ?, choose Text
  10. In the field How should the result be chosen?, choose Autopopulate a value and click Done.
  11. To extract the forecast as text, create a new text field called Forecast. Enter the formula as Weather.extractText("$.weather[*].main").get(1).
  12. To extract the temperature as a number, create a new number field called Temperature. Enter the formula as Weather.extractNumber("$.main.temp", 1) 

When extracting any data from a JSON, use this pattern:

Remotelookup_Fieldname.extractNumber(path, index)

Remotelookup_Fieldname.extractText(path, index)

We have deprecated the expression Remotelookup_Fieldname.extractJson(path, index). However, we will continue supporting the fields which already have this expression. You will not be allowed to use this expression in a new field. 

In the live form, when you type the city and click Get Data. The temperature and forecast will be displayed.