Form templates for Apps

Working with Template gallery

Form templates are an excellent method to quickly and easily put together everything a user would need/want from a process/board/data form. Predefined process forms, tables, boards, item views, data forms, form views, and so on are examples. Form templates allow developers to construct a full solution that works for end users right away. We encourage developers to consider this as part of a larger solution rather than just a feature.


Assume you want to provide users with some pre-built process forms and views to use in your application. For instance, you may have established some board templates for managing a bug tracking system and a board view to track this. You can share the board view using form templates, and users can have these on their application page with a single click.

Instead of having to create forms from scratch, you may use the template gallery for Data forms, Boards, and Process forms to quickly find and use forms.