Governing connections

As a Super Admin, or an IAM Admin, you can get information about the connections used in your account. This gives you visibility and helps you in informed decision-making regarding the optimization of connections in your account. You can view the number of integrations that use a particular connection, as well as the connection's creation time and creator.


By clicking a connection, you'll access its detailed page, where you'll find information about the creator and the date it was created. 

Further insights about the connection can be obtained from the following two sections:


Connections can also be used with third-party tools, making it even more important to thoroughly monitor and control privileged access to a connection. From the Admins section, you can ensure that only authorized people can make changes or access sensitive data using the connection. 

Integrations used in

This section lists the integrations that use a particular connection to transfer data between various internal and external systems. This allows you to ensure that only the intended integrations use the connection, reducing the potential for data exposure and associated risks.