Duplicating, archiving, and deleting an integration

Duplicating an integration

If you want to make an exact copy of your integration, you can duplicate it. Duplicated integrations will have the same set of trigger and action steps with configuration data.

  1. Click the More options button () and then click Duplicate.
  2. The default name of the new integration is Copy of <original integration's name>. You can change the name.
  3. Click Duplicate.

Archiving and deleting an integration

You can archive and delete any integration when you don’t need it anymore. An integration can be deleted only after it’s archived. When you archive an integration, all its active workflows will stop and remain suspended till it's unarchived. 

However, if you are a collaborator of the integration, you can access the audit log of the integration as well as unarchive or delete them.

To archive an integration, click the More options button () > Archive.

Click Explore on the top navigation bar to open the All flows page. Search for the name of the integration or select Archived flows tab and click Integration

When the archived integration is shown, click the integration and then click Unarchive. You can also permanently delete the integration and all its step configurations by clicking Delete.