Configuring field permissions for process steps


In processes, you can customize the form to show different sections and fields depending on the step the item is in. 

Viewing the form by steps

You can configure the form viewing permissions in the third step of the editor.


On the left, you will see a list of all the steps you created as tabs. The first tab says Start. This is the initial form that’s displayed when someone creates a new item. Below that, you’ll see the sequential list of all the steps in the workflow. 

Steps that occur simultaneously as a part of parallel branches will show like this:


The last step is called Completed. This is the form data that will show to the creator of the item after it is done. 

Configuring permissions for fields and sections

When you click on a tab, the right side of the screen shows what the form will look like at that step. You can set the permission levels for individual fields or for the entire section. 

Section permissions are configured at the top right corner of the section. Field permissions are configured by hovering over the field.  


There are three permission settings:

  • Editable - the user can add or edit values in a field
  • Read-only - field values are visible, but cannot be changed
  • Hidden - fields are not displayed

Start and completed steps

By default, the initiator can edit all the fields in the start step of the workflow, and the fields for every other section are read-only. You can change the permission settings for any field.

For the completed step, all the fields will either be read-only or hidden. 

Section and field hierarchy

Section permissions take precedence over field permissions. If you mark an entire section as hidden, but mark a field inside the section as editable, it will not show to the user. Instead, you should mark the section as editable, but set all other fields to hidden. 

Computed fields

Computed fields are either read-only or hidden.

Global permissions for section and fields

If you want to set the permissions for a field or section across all the steps, you can click Global permissions. This will open up a popup that will let you quickly assign the permission for the field at every step. This is often very useful when you add a field into a process and want to quickly assign permissions without clicking through each tab on the left. 

Field appearance

Hover over the field for which you would like to modify the appearance click Appearance.

Select a relevant color of your choice from the color palette. 


You can also change the appearance of a field across all steps or based on data in the form.

Conditional visibility

If you want to set conditional visibility for fields or sections based on other data in the form, you can do this while designing the form. You can hover over a field and navigate to a field's visibility settings or access it directly from the Field properties window that's displayed to your right side when you are on the form editor.


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