Refreshing lookup and aggregation field values


Sometimes, the source data in lookup and aggregation fields can change while a user is working on a form. 

By default, those values are retrieved when the form is first submitted and they donโ€™t update as the item moves through the workflow. 

However, as a Process Admin, you can choose to refresh lookup and aggregation fields in the form at certain steps in the workflow. When the user clicks an action button, the values in lookup and aggregation fields are refreshed and updated.  

When should I refresh my formโ€™s lookup and aggregation fields?

  • When your source data is constantly changing or updating
  • When new data may be added throughout the workflow that can change the values 

How do I enable refreshing fields?

Go to the Permissions tab in the process editor. Select any step and scroll down to the bottom of the form. Click Configure actions. Hover over the Submit, Reject, Withdraw, or Send back action and click Advanced.

 Under Refresh fields choose the required lookup or aggregation fields that need to be refreshed.

Refreshing form and table fields

If the field you want to refresh is in the form or in a table, select the lookup or aggregation field you want to refresh. You can select multiple fields from the same table.

If your form or table does not have lookup or aggregation fields, you will see a message that says No items found in the dropdown.

Validations and refreshing fields

Validations that you set up for Advanced action settings are impacted by refreshing fields. 

For example, letโ€™s say you have a validation that ensures a budget amount does not go below zero. At the first step, the budget was positive, and it passed the validation. However, at a later step, the values may change as a result of a refresh, and the budget amount may go below zero. In this case, the item cannot be advanced. 


  • If you delete the lookup or aggregation field, the refresh configuration will disappear automatically. 
  • When the user tries to submit an item if the lookup values are deleted. However, if the lookup field is made mandatory, then the validation will be fired.