Field appearance

The appearance of a field in the live form is as same as how it looks in the form editor. You can modify the appearance of certain fields using the field appearance settings.

Accessing field appearance settings

Hover over the field for which you would like to modify the appearance in your flow form and click the paint brush icon. The appearance settings will be displayed to your right-hand side. You can also directly click the Appearance tab  from the Field properties window pinned to your right when you starting working on a specific field in your form. Click a field to access the Field properties window and then click Appearance  ).

(Field properties > Appearance > Default appearance)


Default appearance denotes the default color that would be applied to the field. When you change the default color, the new color will reflect the next time when an item is submitted as part of the flow. Select an appropriate font color from the palette and click anywhere outside the settings to save the changes automatically.

In the following screenshot, the default appearance of the Choose the Peer to Request Feedback field is set to Green.

Adding appearance rules

An appearance rule lets you change the appearance of a field based on a certain condition or other data in the form. For example, you may want a number field to be highlighted in red if its value is less than 2. In the following example, the Peer rating field is configured in such a way that it will appear red when its value is less than 2.

The above result was achieved by implementing the following steps:

  1. Create a number field named Peer rating.
  2. Click the field to access its Appearance settings in the right-hand panel or hover over the field and click the pain brush icon to modify its field appearance directly.
  3. Click Add an appearance rule in the Field properties window.
  4. Click Less than and enter the value 2.
  5. Select red color from the color palette. Your changes will be autosaved.


Appearance rules are based on the field type and match the same used for field validations.

Use the Simulate option at the bottom of the screen to see how your field will display. 

You can add multiple appearance rules for each field.   

Changing the appearance based on the step

If you want to change the appearance of a field depending on what step it is in, you can do that in the Permissions tab. 

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