AI-suggested fields

AI-suggested fields are form fields generated using Artificial Intelligence (AI), a technology that processes and infers large data through Machine Learning (ML). These fields are derived from the form name the user enters and the fields created in the form.

Unlike other types of fields, which need to be configured, the AI-suggested fields are populated with the relevant field name and field type. For example, if you’re creating a board for tracking bugs, some fields you may require are Bug summary, Bug classification, etc. You may drag-and-drop a text field from the list of basic fields for Bug summary and a dropdown field for Bug classification and configure them. Instead, the AI-suggested fields assist you by suggesting the fields you may require for the bug tracking board and deciding their field name and type.

Accessing AI-suggested fields

  1. Sign into Kissflow.

  2. Create a process/board/data form of your choice.

  3. You may find AI-suggested fields in the left side fields panel, as a separate tab next to All fields.

  4. Click the AI-suggested fields tab to pick the required fields for your form.

Using AI-suggested fields

  • Drag and drop the fields required for your form from the fields list.

  • You may get different fields as suggestions using the Showing suggestions for field. Enter an alternative name and click Get suggestions.


The alternative name that you provide can be a different form name for which you’d like to receive AI suggestions. You may add a generic name to your form to get apt suggestions instead of specific names used within your organization.

  • You may also click Refresh fields() to get additional suggestions.