Modifying fields in a dataset

Adding a field

Click the plus icon on the header to add a new field.

Choose a field type and name the field. Under settings, you can mark fields required and set a default value and help text.


You can also validate a field against certain conditions so that the dataset can only be submitted if the conditions are met.


Enabling the automatic lookup option for a dataset column's lookup field will disable the ability to use CSV import for populating field values.

Editing a field

To modify a field, click the down arrow (โ–ผ) next to the field name and click Edit field. After making the required changes, click Done


You cannot change the field type after you insert values to protect the data integrity. If absolutely required, create a new field and copy+paste the values. A maximum of 5,000 row values can be created or pasted within the dataset.

Deleting a field

To delete a field, click the down arrow (โ–ผ) next to the field name > click the Delete field.

If that field is used in a formula inside a flow, you will be prompted to remove the dependencies first. After removing the dependencies, you can safely delete the field.

Adding or Deleting a row

To add rows, enter the number of rows you would like to add in the field below the last row of the dataset and click Add.

To delete a specific row, hover over the serial number of the row you would like to delete and select the checkbox. The serial number is to the left of the first field of your dataset. After selecting the checkbox, click Delete on the screen's upper-right corner.

Adding and editing field values

You can add values to a specific field or modify the existing values of the field in your dataset in two ways. You can either edit inline or open the dataset row as a separate form and make your changes accordingly.

To modify a dataset field value in its form view,

  1. Click the Expand row icon () beside the Key field.
  2. Add or modify the field values of the dataset row. Your changes will be autosaved.
  3. Click the Link icon ( ) to copy the row link and share it with a team member.
  4. Click the Exit icon ( ) to exit from the row and return to the dataset view.


You can also expand the table rows used in your flow forms as a separate form and modify their values as necessary.

To modify a dataset field value inline,

  1. Navigate to the specific field and the exact row in which you would like to edit.
  2. Type the new value directly in the cell. Field types like dropdowns require a double click.
  3. Press Enter or Tab after you are done with your changes.

You can also copy+paste values from any other spreadsheet. If you copy and paste values, ensure all your fields and formats match the source file. The changes you make are always autosaved.

Exporting a dataset

You can export all the rows in your dataset to a CSV or a tab-separated file (TXT). Click Export in the screen's upper-right corner, select your preferred file type, and click Export to complete the process.

After a successful export, you will be notified, and the exported data will be sent to your email address.

Learn more about who can edit and manage datasets here.