Duplicating and deleting a dataset

Duplicating a dataset

If your business requirements are in such a way that you cannot use an existing dataset as is but need a slightly modified version of it, then you can opt to create a replica of it. Duplicating a dataset creates a copy of it so that you can modify its structure without affecting its original version.

  1. Click the More options button () and then click Duplicate
  2. The default name of the new dataset is Copy of <original dataset name>. However, you can modify it as you want.
  3. Check the box if you would like to retain the same values and views for the new dataset.
  4. Click Duplicate.


Deleting a dataset

  1. Click the More options button () and then click Delete. Kissflow checks if any flow is using the dataset you are trying to delete. Its dependencies, if any, will be shown on your screen. You can delete the dataset only after you remove the dependencies.
  2. Click Delete if you are sure there are no dependencies or have removed them all.