Security settings

To update your dataset's security settings, click the More options button () and then Settings.

The security settings help you define the following,

  • The other flows that can look up field values in your dataset.
  • The form fields in your dataset that other flows can look up. 
  • Who can download attachments from your dataset
  • Which service accounts can impersonate members of this flow. Learn more



The above-mentioned settings are available for Views as well.


By default, all the flows will be able to look up the values in your dataset. You can modify this behavior by selecting the second option, Choose flows that can look up this dataset and select the flows you want to grant access to the dataset. To remove a flow, click the Remove button () next to the flow name. Click Save when finished.


You can also protect a few fields in your dataset from being looked up. If you want to protect a form field, select Choose fields that can be looked up and select the fields that can be looked up by another flow. All other fields will be inaccessible to flows. To remove a field, click the Remove button () next to the field name. Click Save when finished.