Working with connectors

 A connector allows services or applications to communicate with each other. They are one of the fundamental blocks of any integration in Kissflow. For example, a Gmail Connector within Kissflow means a connection between your Kissflow account and your Gmail account.

There can be two kinds of connectors in Kissflow:

  • Internal connectors: These are the connectors that Kissflow builds in-house to work with internal flows or external apps. They can be used to work with data such as, text, numbers, etc. to make your workflows more meaningful and powerful. Example: Connectors for Kissflow Process, Kissflow Board, and Kissflow Case system, Kissflow Scheduler, Webhooks, conditional logic, automated email systems, etc.
  • External connectors: These are usually the popular cloud applications that you work with on a day-to-day basis. For example, Gmail, Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Slack, HubSpot, etc.


Connectors also have events associated with them. Based on the use cases they solve, they are categorized as:

  • Triggers
  • Actions
  • Search actions

Triggers and Actions

Kissflow Integration supports a number of triggers and actions out-of-the-box. You can a find the list of triggers and actions here.