Transition guide - Kissflow Work Platform

The new Kissflow Work Platform's interface matches the vibrant colors in Kissflow—the new sleek, user-friendly, and contemporary design promises to enrich your digital work experience. The work platform is also called Kissflow Coral. This update introduces various new features and functionalities besides the visual overhaul.

Here's an overview of all the significant changes in Kissflow Work Platform.

Brand new features and enhancements

The new work platform comes with a slew of new products and features.

  • Kissflow Apps - Kissflow Apps uses a low-code app development approach that requires little to no coding in order to create applications.
  • Kissflow AppStore - Kissflow App Store is a marketplace hosting various applications catering to business use cases.
  • Kissflow Analytics - It's a self-service reporting engine that enables you to draw insights from your Kissflow data by creating reports. You can create cross-process reports, chart or pivot reports over child tables and datasets, workload analysis reports, all items reports, and more.
  • Kissflow Boards - Kissflow Boards has replaced Kissflow's Case System. Items will be used to refer to all cases. We've also phased out Kissflow Project and incorporated the best features of that project management tool into Kissflow Boards.
  • Revamped Chat and all-new Spaces - The new Kissflow Chat provides messaging capabilities for interacting with anyone in your organization. You can create an instant, open, closed, or secret group based on your organization's privacy and accessibility requirements. Kissflow Space lets you build unique interest groups for users to communicate, discuss subjects in the forum, access files, documents, and media contextually, and filter and search messages using different streams.
  • Kissflow Portal - Create and deploy applications you can share with users outside your Kissflow account.
  • Service account - A service account is a non-user account used for automating integrations, accessing common resources from outside the account, or acting on behalf of a user to approve items in Kissflow.
  • Enhanced user management - The new user management page allows you to manage user roles, and records seamlessly. As Admins, you can modify information in bulk and control individual user personas.
  • User provisioning using directory sync - Kissflow Work Platform supports user provisioning from Google Workspace, Microsoft Azure Active Director, and using SCIM.

Changes in Kissflow Work Platform

Redesigned left navigation bar

The left sidebar in the new Kissflow Work Platform has been redesigned and overhauled in the Work platform.

Here are the main sections:

  • Home - Access your home page anytime by clicking the Kissflow logo. 
  • My items - The My items page allows you to conveniently access all items you have created or have been assigned for approval. This page will enable you to handle all your items in one place without browsing the relevant process, board, etc.
  • Chat - Chat with yourself, another member, or others in a group. You can also set the privacy levels of the group.
  • Space - A unified place to have common discussions, share files and multimedia, and search messages using streams.
  • Pinned and recent flows and apps - View recently accessed apps and flows and pin them if needed.
  • Explorer - This link used to be called View all flows in Kissflow Digital Workplace. The explore feature lets you view and access all the live, managed, and archived flows and apps. You can click the Template gallery to view all the available flow templates. This page also provides a provision to create new Apps, Boards, Processes, Datasets, and Portals.
  • Analytics - You can gather insights from your Kissflow data by creating dataviews and making reports on them.
  • Create button- Create new apps, boards, processes, datasets, portals, and spaces.
  • Kissflow Marketplace - Access all the new apps by Kissflow and our partners.


Where did the Admin link go?

Click your profile picture in the upper-right corner. Next, click Account administration to access all the admin functions.

What’s on the new home page?

In the previous version of Kissflow, the home page focused on a feed of cards from various flows and channels. The new home page helps you get a better overview of items you created and assigned to you. And also shows the flow you recently accessed. If you're an admin, you'll be provided options to configure your account and add users.

The widgets at the top help track your items based on their statuses. They show you:

  • The number of items assigned to you
  • The number of items assigned to you that are overdue
  • The number of items created by you
  • The number of items created by you that are overdue 

These widgets are clickable and help you complete and organize your tasks. 

Recent shows a list of your most recently viewed flows.

How do I create a new flow or app in Kissflow Work Platform?

You can use any of these options:

  • In the left navigation, click Explore and Create or install from the template gallery.
  • On the home page> left navigation bar, click Create to add a new flow or app.


What’s new in Process?

Advanced filters

In Kissflow Work Platform, you can create filters with users or time. For example, you can filter out items where the current user assigned to the item is from a particular team or department.

An example of the new time filters is that you can use date and time fields to see only items modified within the last 12 hours.


Reports got a facelift, and the configuration panel moved from the left to the right side inside the report builder.


A new system report has also been launched.

No process feed

In the earlier version, when you first clicked on a process, you saw the feed of card updates. Now, you go directly to the My items tab.

Audit log

We changed the name from Process history to Audit log.

What’s new in Boards?

As we advance, the case systems will be called Boards, and cases will be referred to as Items. Along with the rebranding come a few design changes and new features that will improve the user experience significantly.

Here's an overview of all the new features and changes. 

New views 

One of the new features that’ll accompany the redesign is the Board Views. Views let you create custom views of your board by applying multiple simple and advanced filters. You can name these views and pin them to your board.

New layouts - Kanban, List, and Matrix

We’ve added custom layouts, namely Kanban, List, and Matrix. The Kanban layout provides a more flexible and visual system that allows you to place items across a board. The list layout shows an itemized list of all your items. Using the matrix layout, you can plot items on a dynamic grid and choose fields for horizontal and vertical pivots. This layout is best suited for performing slice and dice of the board data and resource balancing and reallocation.

Advanced and quick filters

The board filters have many more options to drill down into the information. You can also save your commonly used filters for quick reuse.

New grouping capability

You can now group your items by status, assignee, custom dropdown fields, and custom user fields.

Optional reopened category

We have made the Reopened category optional. You can enable this if required from the Workflow setting.

What’s new in Integrations?

Previously, integrations were strictly tied to processes. Now, they are based on generic connectors written in JSON. These connectors make connecting and sharing your flow data with almost any cloud-based app straightforward and secure. Integration in Kissflow Coral is highly intuitive and includes a brand-new visual editor to create triggers or actions.

You can access the integrations module by clicking on your profile picture and selecting Integrations. You can also create a new integration from the Explorer page on the Click new or install templates tab.  


Integrations in Kissflow Coral are built around connectors. Connectors provide a way to transport data between flows in Kissflow and other third-party apps. They contain one or more features which are groups of triggers, searches, and actions.

You cannot create custom connectors in this version. If you require a specific connector for your product, contact our customer success team, and we will be happy to help you.

The editor

The editor for creating connectors has a new design and much more functionality. You can select the trigger connector, trigger, action connector(s), and action(s), establish a secure API connection, set up configuration data, and even test the output using the editor.


Connections are valid handshakes that let Kissflow securely interact with its flows and other third-party apps. You must establish a secure connection first to configure a step in your integration successfully. A connection can be associated with multiple integrations. All connections in your account can be accessed from a standard tab on the Integrations page.


You can add collaborators to any integration. Click the View all link from the top navigation bar to share your integration with other members or groups.

What’s new in Collaboration?

Collaboration has experienced a significant change. Earlier, there were channels that you could make, either public or private. These have now been removed from the product. Now we have just two elements to Collaboration: Chats and Spaces.


Kissflow Chat provides messaging capabilities for interacting with anyone in your organization. You can jot down notes and send them to yourself, send direct messages to other users, and use a group chat to connect with larger groups. You can create an instant, open, closed, or secret group based on your organization's privacy and accessibility requirements.


Kissflow Space allows you to create unique interest groups for members to collaborate via chat, discuss specific topics within the forum, access files, documents, and media contextually, and filter and search messages using different streams.

Kissflow Chat and Space are always in sync. This implies that your space chat will also be available within Chat under the same name. You can access several spaces within the Kissflow Work Platform on the left navigation panel underneath the Chat menu. According to the admin's preferences, an existing group can be upgraded to a space.