Creating an application

Accessing your Kissflow Low-code account

As a Super Admin of your account, you will be able to access the Production environment of your Low-code account, by default. From here, you can access the application builder or administration pages of your Low-code account.

When you access the Application Builder, you'll be routed to the Development environment of your account. The Application Builder is where you start creating new applications, and where you get to view all the applications that you have access to. Administration is where you manage your application's settings, users, environments, and applications.

You can click the Explore button to quickly access any applications to which you have access to in the production environment.

Creating an application from scratch

  1. Inside your production environment, click the + Create button card and choose application from the list.



  2. Add your application's name, application icon, and description and click Create.


Kissflow Low-code will create your application and open the App Builder page for you to make the required changes in the application.


Managing the applications you have access to

After an application is created, it's automatically added under the Applications section of your development environment. You'll get to manage the applications subject to the level of permissions you are provided. When you click the Show more () button on any application's card, it'll display the following options in the dropdown:

  • Edit: Clicking Settings will take you to your app's app builder page where you can make changes to it.
  • Archive: This option lets you archive your application. Archived applications can be unarchived any time.


Searching for applications by their names

Applications that match your input will be shown to you when you type in the search box, which is displayed towards the right side of the application builder page. You can also sort applications alphabetically or by published date.


Building an application from scratch

To learn how to build your application from scratch, read these topics next:

  1. Assigning roles and permissions.
  2. Creating data forms, processes, and boards.
  3. Designing UI with pages.
  4. Building bespoke navigation paths.
  5. Creating components.
  6. Integrating with other applications.
  7. Managing security and settings of the application.